Security Tactics – The Experts at Locating Hidden Surveillance Devices


Police-trained counter-surveillance professionals (TSCM)

You can be confident you’re clear of surveillance after a Security Tactics sweep.

Security Tactics specialises in technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM). This includes “bug sweeping” for listening devices, but we also sweep for cameras, GPS trackers in vehicles and surveillance programs covertly installed on mobile phones.

We are based in Queensland and operate across Australia.

Why do businesses, government departments and individuals trust Security Tactics with their TSCM and bug sweeps?

Where there is valuable information, there is often someone who’ll pay for it. That makes the prospect of someone stealing it very real. Information can also be a weapon in personal relationships where one party is looking for control over the other.

Neutralising the threat with professional technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) takes training, real-world experience, discretion and advanced equipment. We have all four.

Advanced equipment

By spending just a few hundred dollars online, anyone in Australia can legally import a tiny, voice-activated listening device. Because these devices transmit only intermittently, a sweep with the wrong equipment is dangerous, because it gives a false sense of security. We need a variety of tools to detect bugs that might be active or passive when we’re sweeping.


Our operators are trained and government licensed. They know what to look for and how to find it using our wide range of tools — from frequency detectors to thermal- imaging cameras.

Practical and simple solutions

We talk in plain English, offering practical, simple solutions to keep you and your information safe.


No one has to know we’re there.

Our management team

Eric Hunter

Eric was trained in physical and technical surveillance and counter surveillance during his 14 years with the Queensland Police Service. As a Detective Sergeant in units like the Major Crime Squad, Criminal Investigation Branch and the Fraud Squad, Eric led investigations involving technical surveillance.

Eric has also been a corporate private investigator and financial crimes investigator in the banking and finance industry.

Cheronne McEvoy

A licensed private investigator, Cheronne is the knowledgeable and reassuring first point of contact for new clients. In the case of a suspected active threat, she will talk you through the signs to look for and what steps to take immediately.

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