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Bug sweeps for businesses

We have the training, real-world experience and discretion to give you peace of mind that your premises, staff and vehicles are not being bugged, filmed or tracked.

Our clients include:

  • Businesses with temporarily heightened concerns about surveillance because of a high-value project, sensitive negotiations or a staff issue.
  • The growing number of companies and government departments incorporating routine technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) in their standard risk-management framework.

Our business is largely referral based, and we provide services around the country — Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and most regional centres throughout Australia.

We offer a rapid response — generally, we can be on-site in 1–24 hours.

Arranging an effective TSCM sweep

If you suspect that your company might be bugged or under other electronic surveillance now, call from somewhere other than your office and don’t use your mobile phone.

Risk assessment and strategy

We will work with you to determine the scope of the surveillance threat and work out a strategy for dealing with anything we find.


Our technicians are discreet — they arrive with unmarked vehicles, equipment and uniforms — and we prefer to operate on your premises after hours.

We recommend you don’t tell anyone we’re coming and that you give our team an escort. We will suggest a cover story that explains our presence to anyone still on site.


How long it will take to sweep your premises will depend on a number of factors — primarily the size of your office and our joint assessment of the scope of the threat. Expect us to take anything between two and six hours.


We use a range of high-spec equipment to detect sophisticated devices that might not be

active at the time of the TSCM sweep. Every job has its own requirements in terms of equipment and approach, which is why we always form a plan before arriving. We’re also always happy to discuss with you exactly what equipment we’ll be using and why.

Some of the equipment we might use includes:

  • broad-spectrum radio frequency scanning
  • thermal scanning
  • non-linear junction detection

And we don’t just rely on our equipment because it’s high-spec: we conduct physical searches, too.

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Corporate Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and Detection

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