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How can I check if my house has any hidden cameras and/or listening devices?
  • The number of homes being bugged is increasing. This is mainly down to two reasons (1) bugs are more sophisticated, smaller, cheaper to buy, and easier to get. (2) More people are becoming aware of bugs and how they can use them to spy on individuals.With the technology available today, hidden cameras and listening devices give virtually no indication of their presence without using highly sensitive and advanced equipment to identify their location.The internet and spy shops offer plenty of low cost devices that are called spy bug detectors. These are usually small hand held devices that are not particularly effective and unable to detect most covert devices that operate outside the frequently range of the device or are not constantly transmitting.
How can someone get a bug in my house?
There are a number of methods and techniques to secretly fitting a hidden camera or listening device in a house and these methods and techniques depend on who is fitting the device.

(1) Most household locks can be entered easily by “bumping” leaving no evidence

(2) Bugs can be bought, disguised to look like household objects

(3) A bug can be left by a partner or family member

(4) Someone only needs minutes in a room to fit a bug

(5) Some “professionals” will fit a bug in a house for payment

(6) Tiny bugs can be hidden in plugs, sockets, wiring or most electrical equipment

Are bugs easy to hide?
Bugs in their smallest forms are little more than a centimetre in length (mostly mains operated bugs). These can be fitted in electrical plugs, sockets, electrical equipment, mains wiring, or telephone cables. Many bugs also come disguised as household items such as pens, calculators, candles, pictures, or even clocks and radios.
Can my computer or phone be bugged?
Most computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones can be bugged. These bugs are not usually physical hardware bugs, but they can be bugged with dedicated software programs used to spy on your use of the device. Depending on the make and model of the device, there is usually a fix, and a way to detect or remove dedicated spy programs.

Fixed line or home phones, can however easily be bugged either inside or even outside the home. Security Tactics use specialist equipment will detect devices placed on a home or fixed phone.

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