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What is a vehicle bugging device?

Most bugs and transmitters have a limited range, this may be 100 metres or even a kilometre or more. This becomes impractical when bugging a vehicle however as it would need to be followed at all times in order to hear any conversation from inside. For this reason, nearly all bugs or spy devices placed in a car or other vehicle will be a GSM device. This works like a mobile phone in that it does not have a limited range, and it can therefore be contacted from anywhere.

What is a car or vehicle tracker?

A tracker, is a device that is usually a combination of a GPS system (Global Positioning Satellite) to provide a physical location, and a GSM (similar to a mobile phone) to provide the communication to receive the position from the GPS. These devices can either be placed underneath the vehicle (normally temporarily), or they can be permanently hard wired into the vehicles electrical system.

Is there such a thing as a tracker and bugging device combined?

Yes, there are several devices available on the market that combine the facilities of a tracker and also a bug.

How can I find a vehicle bug or tracker on my car?

Most vehicle bugs and also trackers use a GSM system to communicate with. If you try and detect a GSM bug in your car, you will need fairly specialist equipment. This is because a GSM device is like a mobile phone in its working and actions. If you have a mobile phone sitting on the table, it does not transmit any signal unless you are talking on it, or using it in some way. A GSM bugging device or tracker is just the same. Unless someone is listening to you at the moment you are searching for it, or it is actively tracking you at that time, it will not transmit a signal (except for an erratic burst for a second or so every 20 – 30 minutes or less depending on the device).


Security Tactics has equipment to force the GSM into transmitting, and other equipment to detect the short burst during transmission.

How is a tracker or vehicle bug fitted to a car?

A bug or tracker will often be fitted from underneath the vehicle. It can be fitted and held on with magnets, or a more permanent solution is to wire it into the electrical system. Fitting it from underneath the vehicle can be carried out in a minute or less, and if it is a bug the tiny microphone can be passed into the car through a drain hole or existing rubber grommet.

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