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Discreet, professional bug sweeps for your home (TSCM)

Whether you’re the victim of a difficult relationship or you conduct sensitive business at home, our police-trained technicians can give you peace of mind by sweeping your home for bugs and hidden cameras.

Have you experienced one-too-many coincidences with an ex-partner? Has he shown up once too often where he couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have known where you would be? Does an ex “guess” or anticipate things with surprising accuracy? Are you working on a sensitive project and bringing work home or making calls from the house?

Most of us will never be under surveillance, but that doesn’t mean you’re paranoid if something has made you suspicious. There are more than 150,000 covert listening devices, cameras and trackers imported into Australia every year. Someone is using them.

In one out of three cases, we find something in the home sweeps of a client whose suspicion has been aroused.

* If you believe your phone or location might be compromised, leave your phone behind and call us from somewhere else.

What we’ve found

The good news is that 60 per cent of the time, we don’t find any evidence of surveillance, which gives our clients real peace of mind. However, the other 40 per cent of the time, we’ve found everything from standard voice-activated dictaphones to hidden cameras in the bedroom. While that can be frightening, it’s better for your security to know that the threat is real.

Who we are

Security Tactics is a counter-surveillance business founded by a former detective sergeant in the Queensland Police Service and a licensed private investigator. We’re government-licensed technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) experts. That means we do more than “bug sweeping”, because the threat isn’t just listening devices; we live in world of tiny cameras and miniature GPS trackers as well. Our business is largely referral based, and we provide services around the country — Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and most regional centres throughout Australia.

What we’re looking for

Bugs, cameras and trackers can be legally bought online by anyone. And they can be planted without training. All someone needs is access, which can mean as little as being able to walk up to your parked car. Finding these devices takes training, real-world experience and high-spec equipment.

How we search

Today’s bugs and cameras don’t have to be recording and broadcasting constantly, which means we need a range of equipment to find them. And to avoid giving false peace of mind, we use professional-grade equipment that can find devices whether they’re broadcasting or passive during the search. This involves three types of electronic scanning:

  • radio frequency scanning
  • thermal imaging
  • non-linear junction detection

We also conduct old-fashioned, finger-tip searches to make sure nothing slips past us.

What to expect

Our technician(s) will arrive discreetly in an unmarked vehicle. To the neighbours, it could be a visit from any sort of tradesperson. Once inside, we’ll take a second brief from you to be sure we have all the information we need and to ensure we address all your concerns.

This is thorough, painstaking work. We’re looking through a whole house for tiny devices someone doesn’t want us to find, if they’re there at all. Expect us to be there for at least a couple of hours, because we won’t leave until we’re certain we’ve located anything there is to be found.

After a Security Tactics sweep, you can be confident your home is secure.

What to do if you think your home might be bugged

If you think your home might be bugged, call us from a phone and location you are sure hasn’t been compromised. Your call will be answered by an experienced investigator who will be able to talk through your suspicions, give you a risk assessment and form a plan of action if required.

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