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Sweeping cars and other vehicles for bugs, trackers or both

Would your competitors benefit from knowing who your customers or prospects are? What about knowing who the CEO is meeting?

How could someone get a list of your current customers? They could track your delivery fleet. What if they want to know who you’re trying to sign up? They could track your sales team. Maybe it would be valuable to them to know who your CEO is meeting. All it takes is a few seconds to plant a tracker under a parked vehicle.

It wouldn’t be hard for them to throw audio recording into the mix as well.

Even sophisticated car alarms can’t guarantee your privacy. A microphone on a wire can be threaded through a grommet or drain hole relatively easily. The person planting the bug doesn’t need access to the keys or the interior of the vehicle. The bug will be GSM- enabled, meaning it can send a recording of your conversation anywhere in the world.

In our experience, someone who has planted a device in an office or a house is also extremely likely to have planted a device on or in the victim’s car or vehicles.

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Our technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) technicians are government licensed with real-world experience of sweeping for and finding trackers and bugs on vehicles. They use various high-spec equipment and inspection cameras combined with a thorough physical search of every vehicle.

We are available Australia-wide, 24-hours a day.

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